Tips in order to keep gruits and vegetables fresh in the fridge!

Tips in order to keep gruits and vegetables fresh in the fridge! 600 600 Παραγωγή φρούτων και λαχανικών, πωλήσεις χονδρικής, Αγρόκτημα Σαρβάνη

Useful tips for every student!

Once a week you can buy the fruits and vegetables you personally need so that you don’t have to run to the grocery store every day.

Beware! Fruits and vegetables rot so quickly that you have to throw them away after a while. Is there a way for them to last longer? What is to blame and they rot so soon?

Indeed, the excessive humidity of the refrigerator is responsible for the shorter life of fruits and vegetables. However, you can fight it as follows:

1. It is advisable to store your fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator’s special drawer. If you put them in bags, make sure you do not seal them so the products can “breathe”.

2. If you wash vegetables before putting them in the fridge, remember to dry them thoroughly and then wrap them with kitchen paper to absorb all the moisture.

3. The cooling temperature should be around 4-5 degrees.

4. Finally, to deal with the dampness of the refrigerator drawer immediately, clean it with a dry cloth, collect any water and water vapor with it, and then place in a clean, dry sponge. This tip is really miraculous!