Sarvanis Farm- Production and Integrated Management


The company “Sarvanis Farm” owns its own farms and manages other local productions, according to its specifications, within a 20-30 km radius. All of our products come entirely from local producers and are not strained during the transport from the field to the packaging.

Our company has its own Agronomist who is constantly by the producers’ side so as to deal with any problems at the production stages and optimize the quality of products.


The facilities in Athyra, Pella, consist of two building complexes, 400 m² and 300 m² , in a privately owned area of 11,000 m².

The company is under integrated management system. Its facilities include:

  • Packing room
  • Freeze chamber
  • Storage rooms

Our staff is well trained and committed to the goals of our company


Our products are handled by privately owned refrigerator trucks or other affiliated certified companies. Our goal is to transport our products with maximum protection from external agents, both in Greece and when exporting them abroad.