These are 11 + 1 easy ways to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet

These are 11 + 1 easy ways to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet 600 600 Παραγωγή φρούτων και λαχανικών, πωλήσεις χονδρικής, Αγρόκτημα Σαρβάνη

Most of us, for our own personal reasons, avoid eating fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. But this is harmful to the human body, as it really needs the benefits of these foods.

Even if “we are not into it”, there are 12 easy ways to include fruits and vegetables in our diet:

1. The easiest way is to replace all snacks in between meals with fruits or vegetables. Try those that are easily transported, such as bananas or those which do not need peeling like cherries.

2. Natural juice can be a good alternative. However, beware of the amount we are usually served which is extremely large, so it contains a lot of calories. Keep in mind that if a glass of assorted juice contains orange, apple and banana, then you’ve already eaten 3 fruits in one meal.

3. Dried fruits are also an easy solution, and you can always have them with you and buy them easily. Buy those without added sugar and remember that 2-3 small dried fruits equal to one large fresh one. So in moderation, as the sugars they contain are especially high.

4. On Sundays, make a salad, add orange juice and store that in an airtight container in the fridge. Serve in a bowl and enjoy a refreshing afternoon meal in no time.

5. If you get easily bored of peeling fruits, just for the record, in many super markets there are peeled and cut fruits (eg pineapples) and even without added sugar. You can also buy baby carrots in individual packages.

6. If you don’t like raw vegetables, try roasting eggplant, zucchini and mushrooms on the grill. Add a homemade sauce with olive oil and vinegar and enjoy it even everyday.

7. Try adding vegetables to pasta sauces, omelets and pizzas to enhance your meals with vitamins and fiber. Toast can also be a good base for tomato slices, lettuce or grated carrot.

8. Frozen vegetables is an easy solution. You can make a quick boiled salad without having to peel and wash.

9. Pieces of fruit can also be added to your salad. Try orange and strawberries in spinach salad. Of course, do not forget that fruits can also be added to yogurt.

10. Freeze chunks of fruit for 12 hours , mash them the following day and add them to yogurt with a teaspoon of honey. In this way you will easily and simply have a homemade frozen yogurt without adding sugar.

11. For a quick breakfast, mix a banana or strawberries or other fruit of your choice with a glass of milk and you will make a homemade, cool, nutritious smoothie.

12. Put the vegetables in the juicer (even the parsley), add ice cubes and serve as a soft drink. So you will have a drink full of minerals and vitamins.